Field Trips, Play Dates, and Family Potlucks, Oh My!

When Saline County Christian home school families get together there is tons of fun to be had by all ages. Between hiking the local mountains, visiting our beautiful state parks, and swinging on swings at the local city park one would wonder how to squeeze in anything else. But, We Manage! We enjoy getting together for a quiet potluck, a loud game of bowling, or a meaningful graduation for our seniors. Different age groups split off to explore the local fire station, elephant sanctuary, or to try their skills at water skiing, etc. Just remember, if you want to go somewhere, someone else is always willing to go too. If you need help organizing a field trip or want more information on up and coming field trips, please feel free to contact Leona Colson at All field trips scheduled are posted on the e-loop and added to the yahoo calendar. After joining SCCHEA you will receive an invite to join the e-loop. Be sure to scroll back a bit to see what’s coming up.